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GlobalRussian.TV provide applications, plugins and widgets for leading Russian content distributors. Together we develop and implement a number of distinctive entertainment packages based on selected state-of-the-art technologies. Our apps and packs cater for everyone's tastes and preferences. They will give you the most reliable access to your favourite programmes in high resolution and HD.

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Our apps and packs are the best

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  • Amazing picture quality

    Only we can provide original satellite HD quality still without satellite dish or cable connection.

  • Huge and fantastic packages

    Our packs have the biggest number of channels available without sattelite dish. Our packs have twice as many channels as other providers.

  • Easy connection on any device

    You do not need to buy a new device or receiver to switch or connect to us. We have brilliant applications, widgets and plugins for various devices and any TV.

  • Comprehensive catch-up TV

    Never miss your favourite programme or watch it again any time at your convenience.

  • Unlimited video library

    Enjoy thousands of programmes using 2-week video archive facility. Fast forward and rewind as you wish with no commercials to annoy.

  • Excellent customer service and technical support

    We have partnered with worldwide services company that will provide best customer services and technical support for our users wherever they are and whenever they need it

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